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The Myths You Will Meet When Learning a Foreign Language

Studying a foreign language is as difficult as when you are a student wishing to own a house and a car. At the time you still have to leave early to sit in school, pay attention to the teacher, then come home late afternoon if there is additional tutoring. This sounds impossible. In fact, learning a foreign language is as easy as that dream. Afraid to fail, they prefer this reasoning rather than trying to find out and learn it. Well to help you learn English easily, it would be better if you English course in a trusted place like you can find at Apart from that, here are some myths that you will come across when learning English!

1. ‘I am not good at speaking’
Anyone who says like that is a liar! Why? It is because everyone is equipped with a good ability to communicate. Beginning to hear English, I learned it little by little the vocabulary. The more days the more because I often listen, find meaning, and practice to say. Thus, the human brain’s ability is infinite. The problem is ‘do you have the ability to learn it or not’.

2. ‘I’m too old’
There is no age limit when learning. Children and adults alike. The difference is, children still look like empty white paper, whatever is given will be imitated and absorbed. While adults like newsprint. Already have many pictures, writings, and other strokes. But, do not adults already have basic skills: reading and writing that will be the capital to learn to the next level.