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Know the weaknesses of super 8 films

Some people love to store their precious videos of weddings, parties, and special occasions in the old super 8 formats. It’s not that they’re being lazy to convert them, but the nostalgic feeling of watching the videos with such an old format can be very exciting and also bring back a lot of memories. Nevertheless, it will be safer for those videos to be converted, and this allows them to have the original intact and have them to be stored safely within the modern formats. So convert super 8 film to DVD will always be a good choice, due to the old formats have a lot of weaknesses.

The first weakness will be against the elements. Despite the fact that you may have stored your super 8 films in a safe room which protects it from a lot of harmful physical contacts, it may also be endangered by the hazardous elements such as the heat, humidity, and even the dust particles. On the other hand, you may also find it hard to edit your super 8 videos, so converting them to the modern formats will be a lot more convenient.