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You Can Taste Two These Delicious Meals While in Los Angeles

Visiting the United States, you also have to visit Los Angeles. In this city, there are many typical foods that you can taste. Going to a place means you also have to taste the various foods in the city, right? If you want a nice holiday and do not drive the car alone, you can use the services of Limousine Service Los Angeles. You do not have to drive your own car because you can be escorted by renting a limousine.

There’s plenty of food you can try if you go to Los Angeles. Some of the typical foods you can taste are

1. Clark street sourdough with avocado and pimento cheese, this is a food that can be consumed by Los Angeles residents for breakfast. This dish looks so delicious even though it does not use any kind of seasoning. Only bread is smeared with avocado and cheese.

2. New York steak and eggs, This meal consists of steak pieces are given mushroom sauce and sprinkled with blue cheese. In addition, also provided toast and fries.