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Signs of Losing Your Own Self

When people live their lives, sometimes unconsciously what they live makes itself change to not itself. And this you can see the signs. Therefore, it is important for you to find your identity again. But if you find it difficult, it would be better if you ask for help from a therapist that you can find at Regardless of that dairy, here’s your sign of losing your true self to become not yourself anymore!

1. You ignore your conscience
When you know your heart says A, you fight hard and do the opposite. If this happens, then chances are you can no longer tell what is good and what is bad. For what the heart says is most likely the best.

2. You never feel comfortable even around the people closest
Another sign that you are not yourself is if you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable even when with someone closest to you like your friends. You are even more avoided than getting together. It’s time for you to evaluate yourself.

3. You do not respect yourself
You sometimes do not realize that you yourself are being put aside personal principles and even falling yourself. You prefer not to respect yourself. You do a lot of things that you should not have to do.