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Why should Oil Filter be replaced?

Why should oil filters change every 1 or 2 times oil change? And what is the importance or urgency? Impact if the oil filter is not replaced? Changing the oil must be done like changing the oil, the time span according to the official workshop is every time oil change engine oil filter is also replaced, whereas according to some circles oil filter can be replaced every 2 times the turn of engine oil. Engine oil change itself varies between 5 thousand km to 10 thousand km, according to the official workshop engine oil should be replaced every 5 thousand km but the actual engine oil is currently able to use up to 10 thousand miles on the streets are not jammed. Oil filters that are not replaced can cause oil filter full and clogged, oil filtering process becomes disturbed. Gross oil makes the engine contaminated and permanent damage to the engine. Oil is not always clean as new. In the oil machine many chemical conditions due to heating (high temperature), the physical condition of friction between components that also served to protect the components in the machine, dissolve the impurities in the engine and cool the temperature inside the machine. Therefore it is necessary for the best treatment for your vehicle. Want filter replacement and best treatment? Please Visit our website!

Each is used then the engine oil becomes dirtier, now to get rid of dirt in the oil then the manufacturer creates an oil filter that serves to filter the dirt in the form of dust or fine metal flakes. The dirt will be filtered and placed in a special place inside the oil filter so that the oil coming out of the oil filter no longer carries the dirt as it did when it entered. This oil filter should be replaced every time my car lovers change the oil (5000 km), but many automotive engineers tolerate up to 2 times the oil change (10,000 km). Oil filter that is not replaced in 2 times the oil change then in the oil filter there will be a lot of dirt in the form of fine metal flakes and a lot of dust, well if automotive lovers just change the oil alone the possibility of new oil will also become dirty due to exposure to dirt in oil filter. Since the oil circulation always passes through the oil filter to be cleaned, you can imagine if we sweep with a dirty broom so the floor is not added cleaner but dirtier (the same as filtering the oil with a dirty filter will make the oil getting dirty).

Dirty grease is of course very harmful to us because it has just changed the oil but it is dirty, dirty oil also makes the oil functions as engine coolant, the protective components of the engine and solvent in the engine waste becomes greatly reduced as a result the machine will become quickly damaged (the component in the scratched machine , exhaust smoke, etc.) which of course we will spend a lot to fix.