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Characteristics of Thermistor Damaged Air Conditioners You Should Know!

As a qualified technician, of course, you know what the function of split AC thermistor aircon service, if it does not yet know you should read the following article to finished Because on this occasion I want to share some important things about the thermistor or tool as a temperature regulator in the refrigeration machine, especially Air Conditioner. The understanding thermistor is a room temperature regulator automatically, thermistor name itself is an abbreviation of the word thermo which means the temperature and resistor ( a measure of resistance). In other terms also often known as thermite. A scientist named Samuel Ruben was the inventor of the thermistor in 1930. Thus, the thermistor function of the split AC is an automatic temperature regulator, which is intended to allow the compressor engine to cool a room only at a predetermined temperature. When you notice that there is a faulty AC section, then you should contact our aircon service to assist you in repairing your air conditioner.

The principle works, thermistor will break the current that connects to the outdoor unit if the cold room has reached a certain temperature. For example, we set the temperature using the remote control at 22 ° Celsius, so if the room has reached the temperature of 22 ° Celsius the thermistor will send the signal and ordered the PCB Module component to break the electric current to the compressor machine. Then, once the room temperature has started rising above 22 ° Celsius the thermistor will again command the PCB Module to send current to the compressor engine to work cool the room again. Between the compressor break time is called the standby process (break), the time required is not so long which is about 5 to 10 minutes.