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Things you must know before learning Arabic

There are some important things that I think are important to an understanding of learning Arabic. In the meantime, you can also go to if you’re looking for a reliable Arabic course.

Arabic requires you to create certain sounds you may never have made before for words, letters, phrases, etc. Be prepared to master this sound to sound like an original Arabic speaker.

Patience is the key. Learning anything requires patience, especially while learning the language. If you’re frustrated, know that it’s normal sometimes to make mistakes because, in the end, you can speak fluently.

Arabic is not as difficult as you might think. Yes, it’s the second most difficult language in the world, but once you really start to learn it, it will not be so bad.

You will get used to the letters that are joined to the next and which are not. If you think about it, Arabs d, r, z can not really join the next letter because the next letter will be “below the line of writing”. Arabic words and verbs are based on a 3-letter root system that will greatly help you with verb conjugation and vocabulary building will be easier to learn because of this 3-letter root system. If you are going to use Arabic for Qur’an studies, then you should study the Arabic version of MSA or Fusha.