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This Fact Will Make You Not Want to Throw Trash In Ocean Again

The sea becomes a very important part of every facet of life. How come? A total of 72 percent of the earth consists of the sea. Half the oxygen on earth comes from the ocean. Unfortunately, the most important part of our earth is now in danger. Some predictions state that, by 2050 there will be a lot of plastic waste in the sea compared to the fish in it. By 2050, the waste will be 1.1 billion tonnes, and only 5 percent can be recycled, the rest will end up being a waste at sea. For that, it’s time to move to bring about change, for more you can read at and be one of those who love nature.

Plastic waste becomes waste that is difficult to destroy. It took 400 years to get the plastic completely destroyed in the water. Can you imagine if the sea is polluted with toxic chemicals released by plastics? Not to mention if the fish in it also consume plastic. You may choose not to eat fish anymore. From all these facts, do you want to throw garbage at sea?