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Simple tips for improving your endurance

First of all, you can try the exposure to sunlight will trigger the production of vitamin D, which is certainly very good for the body as a whole. Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of respiratory infections. A 2010 study in children showed that a 1,200 IU vitamin D intake per day would reduce the risk of influenza A significantly. This is definitely good for you to try for the sake of improving your endurance. Also, visit to get the proper product for you.


Daily exercise and exercise every day will increase the body’s metabolism in general, helps maintain body fitness and strengthens the body’s defense system from disease.

Consumption of garlic

Garlic is a natural anti-microbial agent and can boost immunity. However, cooking onions can kill important compounds to support our immune system. For it is better to serve it raw and add to the dish before serving.

Older garlic is believed to be better, because the natural aging process will increase levels of the antioxidant content of garlic, and also the smell is not too sharp.

The steps above are very simple and easy to apply every day but provide tremendous benefits in improving our endurance.