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Types of Forex Traders

In trading forex, there are various types of traders that we can meet. There are various types and characters of traders in making buying and selling decisions. There are also various traders who have different trading periods. These traders have their own analytical base in determining the pace of profit and have different considerations in looking at the trading period. Visit our website and learn about complete currency trader tools strength indicator.

Type trading is closely related to the character of a forex trader. The character of each of the forex traders themselves also differs from each other, which is why the type of trading is also different. For forex traders, especially beginners, it is very important to know the types of trading in order to know what methods are suitable for him. In general, traders who jump in forex trading can be grouped into two types of categories, namely:

1. Based on Transaction Behavior

– Trader Fundamentals
– Technical Trader
– Trader Mix / Sentiment
– Speculators Trader
– Trader Plin-Plan

2. Based on Transaction Period

– Scalper
– Daytrader
– Swinger