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Tangerang Selatan, “Satellite City” Without Identity

As an expansion area, South Tangerang City (Tangsel), Banten, experienced a very rapid growth. Every inch of the land can not be separated from the physical construction of the property, starting housing concept real estate, apartments, shophouses, houses, warehouses, offices, to shopping centers. Understandably, if the progress of Tangsel City is dominated by the role of Sinarmas Land Group, PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk, PT Jaya Real Property Tbk. The “giants” built the Serpong and North Serpong areas within Tangsel City and later became the magnet for the service and trade industries. Thus, it can be said that Tangsel’s progress factor is still due to the abundance of investment flow that is directed to the region. Tangerang as a buffer city, in the end, shows a significant development, now even has its own news channel as an investment material for the future with a platform that you can see at

No wonder, if Tangsel’s economic epicenter is not located in Pondok Aren, Ciputat or Pamulang as the densest sub-district of its population. On the contrary, the economic strains are in the area around the five big developers. One indicator of Tangsel’s progress can actually be seen from the arrangement of Ciputat Sub-district. Here is the real gravity of Tangsel City. Therefore, the Tangsel City Government must be able to overcome urban problems. Problems began to manage and manage municipal solid waste, increasingly difficult to control the congestion, management of traditional markets, and the creation of land to be used for public facilities.